Yahoo! Finance is the leader of the pack -- by almost a three-to-one margin over MSN Money, which is in second place. But Yahoo! Finance is no longer 52 times bigger than Google Finance. Today, it is "merely" 12.8 times bigger.

Okay, that's still a "humongous" lead. (Humongous is a term that we bloggers use to mean extremely huge. We don't get to use it that often when talking about someone who competes with Google. But, we are talking about Google Finance and not Google.)

So, let me thank Marc for asking the question and thank Matt for answering it. And for all of you who are watching your 401K plans become 201K plans, may I suggest that you visit some of the top business information sites to see if one provides you with better insights than the others. And let me know what you find.

How to Take Advantage of Credit Card Debt Relief 

Secure your credit card debts using credit card debt relief immediately if you want to put an end to your debts. Expenses are always increasing in great proportion to the income. Your grocery bills and gas prices would not go down and the increasing prices have left many people as debtors. Increasing credit card debts would mean an increase in the amount of loan you have to pay back. Nobody wishes to stay as a debtor. If you don't secure your debts now, you will be scratched by your creditors at some point in your life. Therefore, it is best to seek credit card debt relief. 

Paying your bills as one of credit card debt relief options 

If you are able to pay only the minimum amount on all your credit cards, it is a sign that you're buried with your credit card debts. When the credit card companies start calling you often, then you should be alarmed that you are going to fall into the pits of debt. Credit card debt relief steps should be taken immediately to recover from your dues. 

The most sensible credit card debt relief option on this part is to pay back all your credit card bills every month. Chuck Hoskins from the website says that "basically anything short of paying your bill on time, and in full will affect your credit score. But you can minimize the impact of insolvency, avoid bankruptcy and get back in the credit good graces a lot faster by negotiating and paying rather than just avoiding your debt". You have to cut down your expenses and start using your extra money to pay your creditors. If you are not taking appropriate steps for credit card debt relief, then your credit report will be badly affected. 

Negotiate with your credit card company: a credit card debt relief alternative 

Under tight financial situations, you may miss credit card bills for several months. This will result in accumulation of huge debts because the credit card companies will charge higher interest rates right then and there. One great solution that credit card debt relief offers is for you to talk with your credit card company and negotiate interest rates. When you have lower interest rates, you have to make lesser payments and you would be able to clear off your debts soon. Negotiating with your credit card company is a good credit card debt relief procedure for you and the company. Your credit card company would surely listen to you because they are also interested in getting their money back. 

Debt settlement companies 

There are many companies that would help you obtain credit card debt relief. These companies would mediate and talk to your creditors on your behalf. They would try their best to negotiate for the reduction of your loan amount. They would not take the responsibility to pay your bills, though. Their role in credit card debt relief is to help you get rid of your debts in an easy way. 

Filing for bankruptcy as a form of credit card debt relief 

The last option for credit card debt relief could be the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. If you have filed bankruptcy, you need not pay back your debts because you are declared insolvent. Filing for bankruptcy may not be a tough process, however the effects are painful. This credit card debt relief option would be present in your credit report for 10 years preventing you from acquiring any type of loan. 

There are various credit card debt relief options. You may choose from one of these alternatives in order to stay debt free. Only a debt free man can live happily and spend his money in the way he wishes. Your personal freedom in this aspect depends upon your willingness to obtain credit card debt relief.

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